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This Is The Hardest Workout In London (And It Makes You Sign A Death Waiver Before You Start!)

We love to check out the latest fitness classes, but we’re not sure that this is one we’ll want to risk! A new fitness class in London has now been named the hardest in the world, and requires doctors and paramedics to be present at all times in case of emergencies.


The gym chain Gymbox is responsible for the class, called Flatline, trialling at its site in Farringdon, north London. It is said to be so tough and even potentially fatal that participants are made to sign a disclaimer before starting and fill in an organ donor form. On top of this, there is a compulsory oxygen station which is used as part of the cool-down at the end of the class.

At this rate, one begins to wonder whether it’s actually worthwhile doing this class at all. Thankfully, though, Flatline has been curated by experienced trainers and leading experts in endurance, to test all of the elements of strength and stamina for 45 minutes – the longest recommended ‘safe’ time for this kind of intense exercise.


What Does It Involve?

Participants in the class must wear a 12kg weighted vest (gulp) as they carry out a grid of activities. These range from kettle bell thrusts, weighted rope climbs, atlas stone throws and box jump burpees. At the end, they must complete a 45-metre sprint while carrying two ammo cans.

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The worst part? You have to repeat this five times.

David Cooper, the director of Gymbox, says of the class that, “Flatline comes with a significant warning: do not even think about this class if you are unsure in any way about the ability of your body to be pushed to its absolute maximum physical limits, and probably some way beyond. A lot of Gymbox members have said to us that their dream is to have a body to die for. With Flatline, that will be a lot closer than some people think.”

It sounds as though this is a class you must train pretty intensely for – if you’re not already quite fit, it would be far too dangerous to risk pushing your body this hard. If, for some reason, you’re interested in giving it a go, the Farringdon site is the only venue where Flatline is available, and classes start on 14th November – just in time for Christmas!

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