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FREE MakeUp Vending Machines Soon To Launch In The UK

It isn’t very often we hear the words ‘free’ and ‘make-up’ together, but you heard right — companies will soon be giving away free makeup through local vending machines. In 2017 editors and beauty bloggers will not be the only ones indulging in free ‘must-have’ products. As soon as these vending machines hit shops, high streets and train stations, we will all get a beauty treat every now and then!


The vending machines are pretty sleek-looking coloured boxes and are the innovation of Socialvend. This marketing company is asking a small favour in exchange for these make-up goodies: some social media love.

The vending machines are ‘socially activated’, which means in order to be rewarded with the beauty sample, you have to engage with the make-up brand on social media. This could be by answering a few questions or posting to Facebook or Instagram with the brand’s hashtag. That isn’t too much to ask — is it?


But this isn’t the first time beauty companies have used vending machines to market products. Vending machines from major brands like Lancôme, L’Oreal, Benefit, Essie and Elizabeth Arden have already been launched in airports, train stations and shopping centres around the world.

Make-up vending machines sound perfect for any beauty emergencies. If you’re rushing to the train station in the morning and forgot to pack your signature lipstick for drinks after work, a machine or kiosk would be so convenient! Nothing beats a face-to-face consultation when buying make-up but if you have already tried a product, these vending machines could be a great way to get your beauty fix anywhere.

The only hang-up we have about these beauty vendors is ‘what if our new mascara gets trapped and doesn’t make it out of the machine?’ — this typically used to happen with chocolate, let’s hope it never happens with that last minute lipstick!

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If you’re interested in trying out free samples and saving a bit of money, makeup websites Sephora and Smashbox amongst others often give out samples when you place an order. Make-up counters in department stores will be more than happy to let you try out their products at home. Also keep an eye on make-up brands on social media too, as Facebook giveaways are pretty common when they are launching a new product.

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